Katsunuma Jyozo is one of Yamanashi’s top producers of Koshu wines. Using exclusively grapes grown in Katsunuma-cho, it controls every winemaking step from viticulture to bottling. Katsunuma is relatively new among the world’s great winemaking regions.
Grapes have been grown here for 1,000 years but wine only produced for 130 years. Katsunuma Jyozo however, continues the tradition established by its founder, producing and improving wines that express to the full Katsunuma’s history and culture, fully committed to the principle that wine exists to allow connoisseurs to savour the terroir in which the grape is grown.



1937 Textile merchant Yoshichika Aruga founds Katsunuma Jyozo and begins producing wine for his own consumption.
1941 Bands together with 29 of his neighbors to form the Kaneyama Winemaking Cooperative.
1999 Yuji Aruga appointed president
2007 Begins exports of Koshu, mainly to France


Address 371 Shimoiwasaki, Katsunuma-cho, Koshu-shi, Yamanashi 409-1313 Japan
Tel +81 (0)553 44 0069
FAX +81 (0)553 44 0172
Name of Owner Ko Sakurai
Winemaker Yuji Aruga
Vineyards Owned: 5ha Under Contract: 20ha
Annual Production 3,000hl
Grape Varieties Whites: Koshu
Reds: Muscat Bailey A
Importer JFC (UK) Tel: +44 (20) 8963 7600
S.K.Y Enterprise UK Ltd Tel: +44 (20) 8337 9009

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